Charles Smith II: Crazy Cool Designer www.smiththesecond.com

Rising from the streets of Harlem, this up and coming fashion designer has taken a multi- billion dollar industry by storm. Now a pioneer for the next generation, he has quickly assembled two standout modern brands, the high-end luxury brand- Smith 11 as well as his recent successful incarnation of ready to wear "S2 by Smith 11".

Nothing has stopped him from conquering a global market and his persistent and unique experience really set him apart from the herd. His unbelievable aesthetic comes from his modeling background which began at the young age of 14 and years of walking in runway shows on a world-wide stage.

Now residing in Dallas, he is on a mission to leave a lasting legacy that not only showcases incredible design but be an inspiration to the youth who don't believe they can dream. A kid from the streets of Harlem rose to prominence and day by day is changing an industry.

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