Allison Ponthier

Kickass Singer/Songwriter Body Image Advocate

Allison grew up in Texas where she spent a lot of her time playing music and singing. When she was 17, she was scouted by Stasia of the Dragonfly agency and then expanded to other agencies in cities such as LA and NYC. Allison's career in modeling was growing and expanding, but didn't realize reach a level of influence until speaking out about body image, body dysmorphia, and mental health.

She also is a songwriter, writing for her own R&B and folk influenced pop music after leaving jazz school because of an amazing experience cowriting and learning from the pop group Thirdstory. She works a lot with other musicians but writes and performs often on a loop pedal.

Allison wants to bring role models into a space of being real, creating meaningful art, and maintaining health.

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