Height 5' 11" / 180cm
Waist 30" / 76cm
Inseam 32" / 81cm
Shoe 11
Suit 36
Suit Length R
Hair Brown - Dark
Eyes Brown

What is your greatest accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishment was getting my degree from Texas Tech. I was proud for more than just passing the classes and walking the stage, but it was my college experience as a whole that really signified what I could do on my own. Along with getting my business degree, I had also started my own business as a mobile DJ, and moreover the official DJ for Texas Tech University. Playing music alongside the school president, Provost, and of course our mascot Raider Red!

What's a fun fact about yourself?
I got scouted for my first modeling agency at the gym! I've also had a little over four years experience as a fitness instructor, teaching many forms of fitness ranging from cycling to cardio kickboxing. While in school I competed in collegiate triathlons, and I also taught my own intro to triathlon course at the Texas Tech recreational center. I’ve kept health and wellness a big part of my life since college, only now I’m more into strength training. I also do a lot of yoga and enjoy acupuncture as well as meditating.

Who inspires you?
One individual that really inspires me is Pharrell Williams. This man is an outstanding example of what a creative mind can accomplish. From his early beginnings in music and production, to some of his more recent accolades in fashion and design, he has made a major impact throughout all realms of entertainment and caused a serious disturbance in the status quo. He inspires me to try my hand at various forms of business, as well as work with friends and trusted companions and try to bring them up along the way! It’s also super flattering and kind of funny that I have someone tell me I look just like him about every single day.

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